Dungeon keeper 2 strategy

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dungeon keeper 2 strategy

Jibbits' Dungeon Keeper 2 Multiplayer and Skirmish Tips: You can beat on the opionion, on the kind of match and on the kind of strategy. Dungeon Keeper 2 Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ by Kasey Chang released March 29, 0 Introduction This section is mainly about the. Direct Download: Dungeon Keeper 2 Prima Official eGuide Size: MB If you have trouble with the link above, try right-clicking on it and clicking "Save Link As.

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I was never any good at Dk2 as i spent most of my time raging at the crashes so i was surprised to hear just a few of these tips. Claim all tiles around it to disable it. If you see any one selling this guide, drop me a line. I usually lock-up the treasury, beat him until he loses all the money he won, and unlock the doors They are TOUGH, and they do quite a bit of damage. Video Game Comics Game Magazines Game Related Books Strategy Guides. As your dungeon expands, you need more and more imps. You'll need skeletons as you'll run into a few fear traps, esp. Capture wandering heroes; torture captives to learn the location of hero gate Rout, to be honest, is a bit more fun than Besieged. In DK combat, it's best to let the melee fighters take the front, followed by blockers, blitzers, and behind them, the support fighters shooters. Your ad could be here, right now. If they survive the fight they will advance in levels. There are two approaches to this level other than the smash-and-grab. A little "island" in the middle of lava is a great place to put such guns, as only distance shooters, flyers, and lava walkers can get to them. However, it's NOT easy. Vampires receive double damage from monk's attacks, and cannot resurrect if killed by a monk. Dungeon Keeper 2 at PCGamingWiki. OK, now you should have trolls, bile demons, and maybe goblins. I lustige preise fü have a problem on this level, and I usually do on hard things, so I think you've missed an easy route. The address below is spelled out phonetically so spammers can't use spambots on it: Dungeon Keeper 2 Table of Contents Walkthrough Table of Contents Getting Started. Remember to heal or feed chicken dungeon keeper 2 strategy

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Let's Play Dungeon Keeper 2 part 2 (Sing-Song) They can walk over lava. Build lairs and hatcheries only in strips and in door entrances and so on. I personally practically NEVER use the possession command, but that's just me. Even if they're knocked unconscious, your imps can get to them and take them back to their lair. They need to RELAX Don't make an entrance to it until you have a 3x3 lair.


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